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Michael Moore

for U.S. Congress

5th District- Minnnesota

5th District- Minnesota

Michael Moore

for U.S. Congress
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Meet Michael Moore

The true life story of Michael Moore is simultaneously average and uniquely complicated.  Michael Moore was born in Oct. 1969, the single son of an unmarried white woman.  To truly understand the life and history of the son, one must first understand the only parent he has ever had.    


Kathleen Moore graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Detroit in 1964 and immediately enrolled in the U.S. Peace Corps.  She served 3 years in Ethiopia, Africa, developing language schools and teaching English in a small village.  When she returned to America, as one might imagine, she struggled to find the same rewarding types of career choices and social structures. 


Never married, and unwilling to compromise her strict principles, Kathleen was solely dedicated to her ideals.  Obtaining her Master’s degree and working for the War on Poverty programs, she fulfilled her obligation to society by working for city and county govt. here in the 5th district, but her lifelong non-profit work and civil disobedience was her true trademark. Whether it was W.A.M.M., the Gray Panthers, the candidacy of people like Shirley Chisholm or Jesse Jackson.  In many ways, Michael John Moore is the living representation of his mother’s belief in true equality, active political participation and the sanctity of life. 


Now, before we continue, we should make it clear that no one calls Michael Moore, "Michael".  Almost everyone who knows him, knows him only as "Mickey".  In his kindergarten class, out of just 12 boys, there were 4 other Michaels and when the teacher asked if any one of the “Michaels” had a nickname, that’s the moment that Michael Moore became Mickey Moore, and it’s never, ever changed.  Mickey attended many Minneapolis public schools.  Bryn Mawr, Harrison, Jefferson, Anwatin, until in 6th grade he was accepted into The Blake Schools and finally, transferred as a senior to graduate from De La Salle.  Because he had hopes of obtaining a sports scholarship, he made the difficult choice of moving from a premier college preparatory academy like Blake, to a more sports oriented environment of De La Salle.  It paid off in a full ride scholarship to the University of Minnesota where he ran track and trained for the 1988 Olympics.   


Although a sports injury forced him to rethink his athletic dreams, he immediately refocused on his lifelong love of business. (It might be more accurate and honest to think of it as making money...)  He quickly latched on to a rising multi-level marketing company as it branched out from Minnesota to Kansas City, and eventually worked his way up to becoming a franchise owner with that company.  From 1989 -1991, he owned and operated Moore Enterprises, a simple, door-to-door, multi-level sales company, which was just the first of what would become many successful and profitable companies.  


The Braid Factory opened in 1995 and proved to be the most challenging and successful company.  The State of Minnesota decided to persecute Mickey for his concept of providing exclusive natural hair care and his mostly black clientele.  The long list of agencies of the state and federal govt. tried everything.  They sued him.  They issued multiple cease and desist orders.  They brought in the local police, the state police, the agents from the Dept. of Immigration and Naturalization, The Dept. of Economic Security, The Dept. of Justice, the Dept. of Revenue, the Dept. of Commerce, even the Dept. of Cosmetology and the Dept. of Motor Vehicles got involved.  It was literally, an all-hands-on-deck operation of violating someone's civil rights.  Eventually, they resorted to putting him in jail for his refusal to accept the state’s biased and unfair rulings and prejudiced decisions against the idea of hair braiding.  Ultimately, after battling with the state for over 15 years, the Institute of Justice, a national civil rights organization, took over the case and ushered in new state legislation and policies that not only legalized hair braiding in Minnesota, but actually promoted the very concepts that Mickey had fought for from the beginning.  


The combination of the relentless govt. persecution, and the complications of owning, and operating multiple, popular locations of the largest luxury hair braiding salon in the country, encouraged Mickey to retire early.  Moving in 2007 to Thailand where he planned to live out his days in peace and comfort.  After getting married and having a child in 2009, the family decided to also be able to live in America, which meant traveling back and forth so that his wife could become a U.S. citizen.  Now, the family has homes in, and spends time in both countries. It's important for people to recognize that Mickey is not wealthy, but lives off of a small income set-up from the incorporation of his more successful businesses.  His wife also works part-time as a successful and popular massage therapist.  His only daughter attends a charter school in Blaine. 


Mickey has always been interested in politics.  As an 8th grader, he was chosen to represent The Blake Schools in Washington D.C. as a participant in the close-up program, which gives young students an inside perspective into how politics works.  In 1978, when Kathleen briefly worked in Washington D.C.  at a national senior citizens jobs program, Mickey attended Thaddeus Stevens elementary school.  A historically all-black school, with the exception of Amy Carter, daughter of then President Carter.  A notable point because the 2 shared several Accelerated Learning Classes during their brief interaction.


So, rather than try to detail in writing all of Mickey’s long and interesting history, we invite and encourage anyone and everyone to personally ask any questions you may have of the candidate.  We have a lot of options on this website where people can contact us anytime with questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions.  You can call Mickey direct anytime.  You can leave a voicemail message, a video comment, or e-mail us with any ideas.  Additionally, we have lots of great opportunities to meet Mickey, and even have him come out to meet you.  He is as interested in finding out about who you are and what you think as you might be about him.  Although he’ll be personally canvassing vast areas of the district, one way to guarantee he meets up with you is to set up an appointment through our contact page. 


We appreciate you taking the time to read this information, and hope that you’ve been motivated to find out more.  We have a LOT of information posted on this website and we’re adding more content all the time.  This is NOT just a catch phrase site of nonsensical platitudes and meaningless political rhetoric you'll see on the sites of other candidates.  Please see our platform positions, polls, and personal replies.  We really hope that you’ll use all of this input to make an intelligent decision about your vote, and not simply resort to voting by party.  Partisan politics has been eroding our ability to properly govern and advance the causes of justice and democracy for some time now, and the whole point behind the "Moore for Congress" effort is for the people of the 5th district to regain the power they’ve lost by offering a new brand of accurate, personal and professional representation that comes not from partisan politics, but rather from a true one-on-one understanding of the people and their individual stories.  


We really want to get to know you as much as you want to get to know us.  Please contact us to set up a convenient meeting time and place.  

Dear 5th District Neighbor-

My Name is Mickey Moore and I'm on the ballot for U.S. Congress. I want to remind you that you have a choice to vote for someone you know and who knows you. Someone born and raised in the 5th District who shares your values and experiences. Who exemplifies the type of Donald Fraser style professionalism and Martin Sabo style competence to which you've grown accustomed. Someone with the true discipline and integrity to function as your representative, without embarrassing themselves or the district.


What we need now more than anything are representatives who have NO PERSONAL AGENDA. Who are not obligated to any particular party and are willing to work for the people to find and institute real solutions and meaningful reforms. Someone responsive to you personally. Not someone who wants to pick fights with their own personal enemies, or use their position as a platform for their own misguided global viewpoints. You can easily prove this by simply calling me anytime. Please check out my website and look into why a vote for Mickey is a better and more responsible choice for us this time.


We all know and agree that Congress is broken for us. Oh yeah...it's working great for them, but for us, the common people, it is constantly gridlocked.  All the smart and available solutions we have can never be implemented until WE THE PEOPLE elect leaders who are willing to work together. This is why WE NEED NEW LEADERS.  Leaders who are willing to put the people in front of extremist partisan politics. Put individual people in front of big money donors who control the narrative and even in front of the uncompromising political parties. Like my slogan says, "WE NEED MOORE". Thank you in advance for your support.


The radical ways in which Mickey Moore will change 5th District politics


1.) Neither Mickey nor his campaign are influenced by donations. In our 2020 campaign, we took NO PAC money, we had NO big money donors, NO special interest group financing.  NOTHING!!!  Electing the person who spends the most money makes us accomplices in the problem of political corruption.  But electing someone who uses NO MONEY proves their absolute incorruptibility and proves that ANYONE can become a political leader.  These are two things our system desperately needs to have happen if it is ever going to repair itself.

2.) Mickey doesn't represent any particular political party.  Naturally, being born and raised in the 5th District, he embodies all the same traditional Democratic principles that the people of this district share. But only because that is his genuine character. NOT because of some obligation or calculated political decision.  So he is not beholden to any political party and can work strictly for the people. This is an absolute necessity if we are to repair our broken system.


3.) Mickey is an effective leader. He's always put in charge as the captain or the boss.  People listen to him and are inspired by his lead and example.  Where he goes, people follow. Young and old, people across the political spectrum of all races, creeds, colors, and religions immediately recognize and respect his honesty and integrity.

4.) Mickey has NO POLITICAL AMBITION.  He is a retired businessman.  He doesn't have any plan to continue in politics and will immediately begin looking for a reasonable and long-term replacement for this position.  This perspective allows him to concentrate on the truly critical and important issues facing our district right now....today.  Rather than always considering his own future plans or the ever-looming issue of re-election.

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