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Michael Moore

for U.S. Congress

5th District- Minnnesota

5th District- Minnesota

Michael Moore

for U.S. Congress
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I've been looking for the right place to insert some special, even secret information about our campaign and effort.  Hopefully, this is the right spot.  You're likely only on this particular page if you really care about our message and want to help us or show your support.  Naturally, it's important to get as many votes as I can for this 2020 election, and so I wanted to wait until this election ended to make the following information public.  But here it is in a nutshell.  We have been planning to continue this campaign straight through until 2022.  Here's why.  1.) Remember, I only decided to run the morning after George Floyd was killed.  That means an extremely late start.  2.) We have been operating with NO MONEY WHATSOEVER.  That means, weve sacrificed public awareness for establishing a campaign and a message with a strong principle. 3.) We've had obvious restrictions and limitations due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has greatly hampered everything we've wanted to do.  4.) Media outlets have virtually ignored our campaign, purposefully choosing to frame the 5th District as a 2 person race between Democrats and Republicans.   Very few forums, debates, radio or TV stations have even bothered to acknowledge that our campaign exists. But here's the biggest reason... 5.) I have received so many incredible phone calls and e-mails from 5th district residents who absolutely get it and agree with the problems and solutions we are discussing here.  I can't tell you how many self-described lifelong Democrats have called me up to tell me that they voted for me, for many of them, it was their first time voting for a non-Democratic candidate.  People who said they were planning to skip voting for a U.S. Congress person becasue they couldn't morally justify voting for either of the major party candidates, but then they saw my name, looked into our message and immediately connected with and understood our perspective. 


So, out of respect for the thousands of people who voted for me, without really knowing me, or even knowing why, I feel absolutely compelled to try again, and this time, to use all of our resources to generate a winning result.  This time, it's not abut making a statement, but winning.  Instead of starting late, we'll be starting immediately.  Instead of having no one know who we are, we're starting with tens of thousands of voters who support us enough to vote for us.  Instead of having no money, we'll be well financed and professionally staffed.  All of these changes mean we will be giving ourselves every opportunity to make our case to and be heard by the entire 5th district.  So now is NOT the end, but rather, just the beginning. We absolutely still need your help and are anxious to talk to you about how you can contribute to the continuing campaign for U.S. Congress.   You can still make a statement through displaying a lawn sign, or wearing your T-shirt, or our new car window decals, or hosting one of our super effective "Meet the Candidate" events of your own.  We will need you over the course of the next 2 years as we totally change the way politics is handled in our district.  I can't thank you enough for your support, your votes, your enthusiasm, your kind wishes and your feedback.  And as conditions improve, I really look forward to talking to everyone more personally and directly about working together to make the future of our district greater and more prosperous for us all.




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