Campaign HQ- 4600 Chicago Ave. Mpls., MN 55407

Tel: (612) 220-0233  |  Email: usrepmichaelmoore@gmail.com

Michael Moore

for U.S. Congress

5th District- Minnnesota

5th District- Minnesota

Michael Moore

for U.S. Congress
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Simply contact us anytime, anyplace, anyway to find out how you can become directly involved in making this important change to our system. By electing Mickey, we are changing the world.

Although we are endorsed by a Major Party, ours is very much a grassroots campaign. We accept no large donations.  We have no financial backing or PAC support. Everything we do, like this website, we do ourselves and with the volunteer assistance of people like you who want to make our district, our state, our country and our world a better place for ourselves and our children.  So get on board!!!

How You Can Help

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