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Michael Moore

for U.S. Congress


5th District- Minnnesota

5th District- Minnesota

Michael Moore

for U.S. Congress
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The following Platform Positions are general guidelines for BEGINNING the important discussions about critical issues that we must have TOGETHER. These statements represent neither complete solutions nor personal agendas.

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Please understand that I am not here to tell you how it is, or how it should be, but rather to help you vocliaze your own attitudes and voices about these matters, and carry our collective positions to the U.S. Congress.  This is a drastic change from our current and recent representation, who sought to impose their own personal, and often wholly misguided ideals onto all of us, regardless of whether or not we agree with them.  Remember, I am here solely for you, to bring your feelings forward, not my own.  People ask me all the time about my personal position on issues.  I can't stress this enough.  It's your position that matters.  I represent you
We cannot stress enough how different the campaign and representation of Michael Moore truly is.  When it comes to who will be working with him, both on his campaign, and in Washington D.C., it will be young, motivated people from the district from all walks of life.  Hispanics, Native Americans, black people, white people, Asians, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Immigrants, LGBTQIA+ community members, everyone will have a voice in the representation of the 5th district.  We are all in the together, and without working together as a district, we cannot hope to work together as a country.  Also, there will be no political consulting, no political lobbyist organizations, no party machines or corrupted political controls involved at all!!  As you have no doubt been inundated with campaign literature from a slew of highly partisan "sources", "committees" and "action groups", you must know what we're talking about here.  We will be taking the first step towards eliminating the harmful misuse and overabundant inside and outside money influences into our politics.  By voting for Michael Moore, you will be adding your critical voice to a true revolution in the way in which people are elected to Congress in the future.  By voting for Michael Moore we are sending a message to people all over the country that they don't have to be bound by the negative traditions that have led us to the current impass we all face. That we have a choice to exercise our full and collective power.  That we don't have to always continue to simply do what we're told, we can choose to do the right thing. 
Everyone reading this needs to remember, we are embarking on a truly revolutionary journey.  We are beginning a movement.  We are not going to continue to do the same thing, over and over and simply hope that we will suddenly achieve some brand new and magical, unspecified, "better results".  This campaign is about establishing a very clear and shared vision of a Congress that acts on behalf of the people.  And it is available to us, we only need to take that first step.  You have to believe that when people see what our district has done, they will be highly motivated to imitate our success.  They will quickly see and be made aware of the fact that we have elected someone who is outside of party controls.  Outside of corrupted financial influence and corporate self-interests.  Michael Moore isn't presenting himself as a "somebody" or even a "nobody", but rather, an anybody.  Meaning, by electing Michael Moore, he will have proven nothing, but the voters of the 5th district will have proven everything.  That the vote belongs to the people. That the people have the real power and, most importantly, that people live's matter.  When, in 2 years, 4 years or 8 years, as more and more "anybodies" from all around the country begin to transform their districts from corrupt, bought and paid for, politically partisan platforms that only care about and only support their own political parties, into true representatives of their people, we will then see drastic and meaningful changes throughout the halls of the U.S. Congress.  As the 2-party system is forced to recognize the changing environment from their current ineffective, hyper-partisanship, into fully-functional, honest and fair, public representation, we will begin to achieve all those long lost and delayed elements of social justice and critical reforms that our nation has been so desperate to instill.  Immigration, economic equality, healthcare, environmental reforms, the end to corporate welfare, the rule of the military industrial complex, political divisiveness, burdensome regulations, and on and on.  It all falls away under the revelation of true democracy, and it starts with the election of Michael Moore as your 5th District, U.S. representative.

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