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Michael Moore

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5th District- Minnesota

for U.S. Congress

    Michael Moore officially calls for the immediate resignation of Bob Kroll-

    At the moment of yet another fatal police shooting in Minneapolis, it needs to be restated that if we are going to improve both actual public safety conditions as well as the ongoing relationship between the community and the police, we need to make immediate, significant and meaningful changes to the Minneapolis Police dept. Another way of saying this is that small, meaningless changes over long periods of time will not and do not help us achieve our goals. The first and most visibly important change would be for Bob Kroll to resign. Multiple, independent and non-political organizations, all dedicated to positively impacting the daily lives of our district, from The Racial Justice Network to the Minnesota Nurses Association to the Metropolitan Urban Indian Directors Group, have already called for Bob Kroll to step down. Now, again, as a candidate for U.S. Congress, the Mickey Moore campaign is asking for Bob Kroll to resign, effective immediately. For the good of the city, and the department, he must take it upon himself to see this change as both reasonable and necessary. As a community in crisis, we need to take advantage of every possible opportunity to improve our situation. The removal of this divisive and non-productive component of the process will give negotiators a renewed chance to improve leadership and enact change in the continuing struggle to maintain the delicate balance between public safety and public trust. At the same time, it removes a focal point that has long been used to scapegoat a highly dysfunctional department and may allow interested parties to begin to work on real reforms that may alleviate the stress and burden being felt by both the dedicated department employees and the community-at-large. The specific details of the latest police shooting are not the most relevant factor in this longstanding and consistent complaint. We could be discussing George Floyd, Travis Jordan, Justine Damond, Thurmon Blevins, Jamar Clark, Terrance Franklin or David Smith or the many other tragedies. We should remember them and learn from their examples. However, nothing is as critically important as what we do today and making sure that we, for once and finally, make real changes that result in a better system and a more safe and secure process of dispensing police authority for our future and the future of our city. The Moore for Congress campaign has posted a detailed report listing well over a dozen needed and critical police department reforms and restructures that should be implemented as quickly as possible. These reforms are all going to be necessary if we are to bring about the type of safe society and positive relationship a community needs to have with their police dept. The report includes both short-term and long-term fixes for our situation that, if taken seriously, and put into practice would effectively end both the problem of police abuse of power, force and authority, and create a more safe and secure living environment for all citizens to create their own best personal and productive life. Which is the goal of everyone who works and resides in our district. It is an unfortunate reality that some reforms are more complicated than others, and may take some time to implement or establish. While everyone can understand that more significant changes must be negotiated and issues such as financing must also be addressed, it must also be understood that other changes can be immediate, and because time is of the essence, the very first step is to recognize that certain elements of this process have not been helpful or effective and must be removed if any of our goals are to be reached. To that end, Bob Kroll must resign today.


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